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Supporting ARKit and ARcore compatible devices, providing precise geo-location for both Android and iOS.





By comparing a single image frame from your device’s camera with a pre-existing map of the environment, Scape’s visual positioning API allows devices to be precisely triangulated, using computer vision.
Currently, our visual positioning service is available within central London. More cities will be announced shortly, which will be rolled out one by one. To be notified when more cities are available, join our newsletter here.
Today, a localisation request takes approximately 3-5 seconds on a 3G connection.
ARCore and ARKit allows you to track the position of a device relative to an arbitrary starting position. In contrast, Scape's SDK gives the location an absolute position on a global reference point, so that content can be placed at a specific geo-coordinates.
As we return your device’s absolute location in longitude and latitude, our server-side Visual Positioning Service is optimised for outdoor situations.
Unlike satellite-based GPS, Scape’s Visual Positioning System allows any camera device to be located with centimetre-level accuracy across the city centre from a single image. The image is queried against our 3D maps in the cloud to identify corresponding feature points in the environment.


You can download Pixscape from the Play Store and App Store to see the VPS in action. With just one click of the globe button at the bottom of the screen, Pixscape will demonstrate Scape’s localization vs GPS results. The source code of iOS app is available for a free download here and that of Android app is avaiable for a free download here.